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Manufacturing Industry

  • Automotive  Assembly Lines
  • Innovative Rail System for Material Handling
  • Roller Hemming
  • Improvement of the Level of Automation in an Automotive Body Workshop
  • Layout  Optimization of a Tire Loading Area
  • Simulation-based Verification and Improvement of the Body Assembly Lines
  • Determination of Causes of Path and Axis Errors in Assembly Line Welding Robots and Elimination of these Errors
  • Hot Forming of Sheet Metals
  • Determination of Welding Parameters for Metal Cast Components and Standardization of Welding Process Management
  • Development of Materials and Manufacturing Technology to Produce Compact Graphite Iron Engine Block
  • Quality System
  • Gauge Design
  • CNC Machine Tools  Design
  • Projects on Forging Process Technology (Process Analysis and Die Design, Flash Reduction in Hot Forging, Warm Forging, Aluminum Forging, Precision Forging)


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