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Some of the TÜBİTAK Projects:

  • 107A006 Development of  Propulsion Control Technology (15/07/2007-15/07/2010)
  • 106M211 Investigation of Ballistic Performance of Metallic Armor Materials  (01/09/2006-01/09/2009)
  • 105M130 Design of Fixturing System for Quick Die Change in Forging Industry(01/09/2006-01/03/2009)
  • 105M169 Analysis and Design for  Aluminum Forging (01/09/2006-01/03/2009)
  • 104M425 Haptic Touch Sense and Force Feedback Interface System Design (01/07/2005-01/07/2008)
  • 104S607 Development of Dental Training Simulator (01/07/2005-01/07/2007)


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