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METU-BILTIR CENTER, was founded in 1992. The center was reorganized by  forming multidisciplinary expert units in 1999. The  faculty members from the various departments of Middle East Technical University contribute in activities of these units. Currently  11 central units exist.

  • METU-BILTIR Vehicle Safety Unit
  • METU-BILTIR Automotive Industrial Design Unit
  • METU-BILTIR Metal Forming Unit
  • METU-BILTIR Unmanned Marine Vehicles Unit
  • METU-BILTIR Unmanned Ground  Vehicles Unit
  • METU-BILTIR Product Usability Testing Unit
  • METU-BILTIR Defence Systems Unit
  • METU-BILTIR Numerical Modelling-Analysis-Design Unit
  • METU-BILTIR Automation-Robotics-Electrical-Electronics unit
  • METU-BILTIR Industrial Design & Production Unit
  • METU-BILTIR Intelligent Transport Systems

METU-BİLTİR Center has

  • First CAD/CAM /Robotics Laboratory of Turkey (1992)
  • First Product Usability Laboratory of Turkey established in  in the METU-BILTIR Product Usability Unit (2003)
  • First Forging Research and Application Laboratory of Turkey established in METU-BILTIR Metal Forming Unit (2007)
  • First Sled Test Facility of Turkey established in the METU-BILTIR/Vehicle Safety Unit(2009)

Laboratories, operate under the center’s units.

METU-BİLTİR Center  has initiated  SAVTEK Defense Technologies Congress since 2002.This national congress has been organized biannually .




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