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Defense Industry

  • Contribution to Main Battle Tank Project
  • Development of Design Methodology and Control Architecture
  • Improvement of Ballistic Performance of  Metallic Plates through Simulation Studies and Tests
  • CFD Analysis for Unmanned  Underwater Vehicle Design
  • Development of Control and Stabilization Algorithms for Optical/Mechanical Platforms
  • Contribution to Turkish Primary and Basic Training Aircraft Project
  • Design of Hydraulic and Pneumatic Test Systems for Helicopter Platforms
  • Development of Unmanned Ground Vehicle Platform
  • Servo Control Studies
  • Contribution to Design of Towed Howitzer (PANTER)
  • Design of Simulators for Defense Industry
  • Armor Design
  • Design of Seats for Armored Vehicles
  • Investigation of Ballistic Performance of Metallic Armor Materials
  • Design of Robots to be Used on Rough Terrains for Military Purposes
  • Ergonomic and Cognitive Analysis of a Mine Detector



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