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METU-BILTIR Center operates according to  the regulations  Published in the Official Gazette No. 21184 dated March 27, 1992. The center  reports to Office of the President. 
The Director of  the Center is appointed by the University President for every three years among the METU Faculty Members. Director of the Center appoints two faculty members as Assistant Directors.

Administrative Board of the Center consists of nine faculty members appointed from five different faculties of METU, in addition to the Director of the Center.

Technical and administrative staff serves full-time in the center. On the other hand, the METU-BILTIR Center has more than 100 METU-BILTIR Center Unit Members. The center unit members are academicians from the 14 different departments of METU and they participate in the R&D project groups.

Advisory Board and User Platform of METU-BILTIR Center Vehicle Safety Unit

METU-BILTIR Center Unit has "Academic Advisory Board" consisting of faculty members, and "User Platform" consisting of the representatives of the Governmental and Industrial Organizations.


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