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The Central Technological Infrastructure and R&D Areas

Main interests of METU-BILTIR Center are the subjects related to the 11 Central Units which are Industrial Design-Production Unit, Automotive-Robotic-Electrical-Electronics Unit, Numerical Modeling Unit, Product Usability Unit, Defence Systems Unit, Unmanned Ground Vehicle Unit, Unmanned Marine Vehicle Unit, Metal Forming Unit, Automotive Industrial Design Unit, Vehicle Safety Unit, Intelligent Transport Systems.

Information about METU-BİLTİR Center Units can be accessed from "homepage"

METU-BILTIR Center serves as a bridge between the University and Governmental and Industrial Organizations by providing its advanced technological infrastructure. R & D projects are conducted for different disciplines and industrial sectors.

Click here for the Laboratories available in METU-BILTIR Center and Equipment available in these laboratories.

In collaboration with related parties, METU-BILTIR CENTER provides services with its qualified human resources and high-tech infrastructure which are required for successful R&D activities.

Public and private sector organizations may acquire service through. These organizations may also benefit from the academic staffs which are METU-BILTIR Center Unit members through the Office of Revolving Funds of METU. These unit members may take part in the R&D projects conducted in METU-Technopolis accordance with the law on Technology Development Zones (Law No. 4691).

Faculty members and research students can use the center’s infrastructure.


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