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Equipment in the CAD / CAM Laboratory:

Mazak Variaxis 630-5X HS CNC High Speed Milling Center:

Maximum Work Piece weight 500 kg (max.), spindle speed 25000 rpm (max.)
Travel: X-axis 630 mm, Y-axis 765 mm Z axis 510 mm,
Rapid traverse rate C axis (rotary axis vertical), 360o, A-Axis (horizontal rotary axis) - +30o, .., 120 o
Controlled high-speed 5-axis simultaneous milling capability.


5-axis controlled, CNC wire erosion with tapered cutting ability.
X-axis 500 mm Y axis: 350 mm Z axis: 270 mm, U-axis: 70 mm, the V-axis: 70 mm,
Taper Cut Gradient: +/- 15 DEGREES
Wire diameter 0.25 mm
Positioning at 300 mm is 0.005 mm
Max Workpiece dimensions (max) 700 x 500 x 260 mm



DAE Brown & Sharpe GLOBAL STATUS 777 CMM (Computer-controlled measurement device):

Bridge-type computer-controlled measuring center which capable of surface scanning and reverse engineering, and linear thermal compensation.
MAX Working envelope: X-axis 700 mm Y axis: 700 mm Z axis: 660 mm
Max Workpiece weight 900 kg (max.)
X / Y / Z axis  acceleration 1.7 m/s2
X / Y / Z axes travel speed 31 m / min
Scale Resolution 0.08 mm
According to ISO 10360-2 standards, the predicted max probing measurement error is 2.5mm max.
According to ISO 10360-2 standards, the predicted max error for length measurement: MPEE = 2.5 + L/250 mm


EOS EOSINT P380 Rapid Prototyping Equipment (SLS: System of Laser Sintering):

System with  removable frame, capable of scanning the X and Y axes alternately, SLS type rapid prototyping system .
Effective building Volume: X-axis 340 mm, 340 mm in the Y axis, Z axis 620 mm
Material: PrimeCast 100, Polystyerene PS 2500, Glass filled Fine Polyamide PA 3200 GF, Fine Polyamide PA 2200
Laser type 50 W (max.)
Scan speed 5 m / s (max.)
Z-axis building speed 30 mm / hour
Layer building (dependent on material) : 0.15 mm ± 0.05 mm

Milling Machine DECKEL FP/5CC/T

5-axis simultaneous control, CNC horizontal and vertical milling bench.
Working area: X-axis 700 mm, 600 mm in the Y axis, Z axis 550 mm
Vertical rotary axis: -3600, the horizontal rotary axis: - / +150 ...- 450
300 kg max workpiece weight
6300 rpm max spindle speed

Conventional Benches LOOMS

Surface grinding machine, milling machine, surface grinding machine, a desktop machine precision drill, box section and tube cutting machines, ABB robots, 2 gas metal arc welding (MIG), 2 universal lathe, 2-column drill bench,  band saw machine are available in the center.



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